The Macintosh lab was designed to serve graphic design and multimedia technology students. The lab offers high quality devices of graphic design and multimedia programmes such as Photoshop and Flash.

Decor ateliers train students to geometric drawing, models structuring and geometric schemes as well as manual designs such as ceramics and pottery.

The décor lab offers students of décor the opportunity to deal with various types of carpentry, painting, décor and upholstery machines. The lab is also available for décor diploma students.

The electric machinery atelier is used for teaching industrial automation, electrical installations and machinery courses.

In this atelier, students are trained to use different electric machines some of which are DC power generators, AC engines and synchronous generators and engines.

The 2024 computer lab is dedicated for the use of the programming and accounting students. It consists of 19 computers equipped with programmes such as Al-Shamil, Excel and database. This lab operates on the Net-Support system in lecturing and is one of the labs that are available for students for both the morning and the evening classes.

In the 20127 workshops, students are trained to handle electrical and electronic circuits and linking that to theories and laws. These workshops are also used to demonstrate disassembling and welding electronic parts and serve most technical specializations where electrical circuits and digital and electronics are taughtIMG 2602IMG 2600

The 2054 computer lab is dedicated to various practical computer programmes such as SPSS, Microsoft Office and AutoCAD and it’s used for teaching programming and automation classes.

The 2020 computer lab consists of 19 devices and is used for teaching financial management and accounting courses. It focuses on Office as well as Al-Shamil programmes and depends on the Net-Support programme for lecturing.

The 2025 lab is used for teaching electrical installations and measurements and safety measures and grounding courses.

The 1093 computer lab is used for teaching electronics and electrical diagram software courses. It consists of 19 devices equipped with programmes such as AutoCAD, excel and database. The lab is available 24 hours and lectures are given using a projector.

This lab is used for teaching networks and the internet and information technology courses. It is dedicated to train students fix the internet connections and use routers, switches and hubs.

This lab is used for teaching printing in both English and Arabic, office automation, business management and programming courses

Students in this atelier are trained to weld various types of material some of which are electric arc, aluminum and oxygen as well as the metal formation.

The atelier is used for teaching air conditioning and refrigeration, mechanics, industrial automation, electrical installations, communications, production and machinery courses.

The photography atelier is used for teaching the décor courses.

It aims at teaching students deal with cameras as well as training them on montage and photography.

This atelier is dedicated to train students on programming different production lines using the PLC system and transforming traditional control circuits into ladder diagrams.

The atelier is used for teaching industrial automation, electrical installations and production and machinery courses.

This lab aims at introducing students to the mechanical properties of materials some of which are flexibility and rigidness. Students are supposed to report and analyze the results and compare the theoretical calculations with the practical results.

The lab is used for teaching air condition and refrigerating and machinery courses.

In this atelier, students are trained to deal with the central air conditioning system as well as air conditioning and ventilation. The atelier is dedicated to one- and two-year air condition and refrigerating diploma students.

The GO60 atelier is a health system and heating lab that is dedicated to train students deal with Iron pipes, radiators, solar water heaters and boilers.

The GO 90 atelier is used for teaching communication and office and household appliances courses. In this atelier, students are trained to repair mobile phones and mobile phone's circuit boards and programmes.

The refrigeration technology atelier introduces students to simple refrigerators' control systems and maintenance.

In the pneumatic systems atelier, students are trained on preparing pneumatic schemes and using compressed air to control production systems. Students also deal with electric and electronic elements as well as electricity transmission networks.

The Household Appliances Maintenance and Surveying Atelier Students are trained on maintaining household appliances such as washing machines,  dishwashers and heating appliances and their electronic and mechanical circuits.

The atelier is also used for teaching surveying courses where students deal with LEVEL, total station and GPS devices.

In the telecommunications lab, students are trained on principles of telecommunications (AM, FM, PM, PSK and ASK). They are also to deal with digital telecommunication systems (PCM, PMW and PAM) and optical telecommunications and transmission lines (FIBER OPTIC, PLL and IR).

The lab is used for teaching the Logic Circuits course and serves the telecommunications engineering and the one-year diploma students.