The cosmetology programme aims at introducing high quality coursesthat match the international academic standards. It also aims at producing qualified graduates who are able to defy difficulties related to this field based on theoretical principles.

 The programme graduates will have skills in cosmetology and work hard to promote this field to a higher level.

 The programme consists of 65 credit hours over two years.



 The programme aspires to achieve excellence in professional academia based on international standards and produce competent graduates who have qualities that match the labour market’s needs and development plans.



  The programme aims at offering educational opportunities that prepare graduates to meet the community’s needs and development plans. It is also dedicated to promote scientific research on interior design.


  General Outcomes


  The programme generally aims at:


  1. Offering professional academic programmes of high quality based on international standardsto meet the local community’s needs
  2. Adopting different teaching and assessment methods
  3. Preparinggraduates who have qualities thatmatch the labour market’s needs
  4. Introducing students to security and safety rules at work
  5. Promoting scientific research and developing the teaching staff’sskills and expanding their knowledge
  6. Setting strategic plans to develop teaching and learning methods


Specific Outcomes


1) Introducing students tobasic cosmetology principles


2)Preparing competent technicians in cosmetology


3) Developing students’ skills and experience in managing beauty centres


4) Introducing students to security and safety rulesat work


5) Preparing students to the work field by offering training courses


 Graduates Qualification

 Expected graduates will be able to:

  •  Use and apply modern methods and technologies of cosmetology


  • Keepapace of rapidly evolving technologies in cosmetology


  • Learn basic cosmetology principles
  • Streamline work processes and procedures following security and safety rules
  •  Work effectively within teams
  •  Deal with environmental issues
  •  Perform work duties effectively
  •  Bear responsibility towards their society
  •  Keep pace with innovations and developments in cosmetology
  •  Learn how to employ communication skills
  •  Demonstrate high competency in cosmetology and other related fields
  •  Job Opportunities

    Expected Graduates May Work in:


    1.Health and Beauty salons

    2. Beauty centres

    3. Cosmetics centres

    4. Beauty training centresin private and public sectors

    5. Local and international cosmetics companies

    6. Cosmetics business


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

 Theprogramme aims at producinggraduates who have:

  1.  Hairdresser skills
  2. Makeup artist skills
  3. Skincare specialist skills
  4. Good communication skills
  5. Skills in managing beauty centres
  6. The ability to keep pace with modern hairstyles, haircuts and hair dyes
  7. The ability to use modern beauty supplies
  8. The ability to follow security and safety rules at work
  9. The ability to analyze and coordinate colors
  10. The ability to work fast and regularly
  11. Creative imagination