Multimedia and Web Development

The multimedia and web development programme aims at introducing high quality education that matches the international academic standards. It also aims at producing qualified graduates who are able to defy difficulties and merge in the labour market.

The programme aspires to graduate skilled students in administration science, technology and media.

The programme consists of 69 credit hours and at the duration of two years.


The programme aspires to achieve excellence in professional academia based on international standards and produce competent graduates who have qualities that match the labour market’s needs and development plans.


The programme aims at offering educational opportunities that prepare graduatesto meet the community’s needs and development plans. It is also dedicated to promotescientific research on interior design.

Specific Goals

The programme aims at:

 1. Introducing students tothe basic principles of multimedia use in transmitting knowledge

2. Developing students’analytical skills to buildmultimedia projects and develop webpages

3. Introducing students to the basic photography and production techniques

4. Qualifying students to utilize graphic design programmes

5. Qualifying students to utilize video audio editing software and tools

6. Qualifying students to analyze, design, produce and develop internet web pages

7. Offering students different training courses to develop their basic multimedia and web development skills

8. Developing students' abilities and skills in designing, producing developing web pages via multimedia


The programme generally aims at:

  1. Preparinggraduates to work inmultimedia and web development fields
  2. Producing competent graduates who have basic skills and principles intechnology, administration and media
  3. Producinginteractive media and web professionals who have the cross-disciplinary capabilities in web and multimedia development
  4. Developing graduates’ creative and technical design skills in multimedia technology

5.Keeping pace with scientific developments andinnovations and offering excellent educational opportunities

6. Strengthening relationships with local, national and international organizations and providing them withtechnological, administrative and economic expertise

7. Offering theoretical and training courses to prepare graduatesto keep up with the labour market’s needs

8.Producing specialists who have a clear understanding of theoretical, practical and analytical aspects

9. Producing specialistswho have the cross-disciplinary capabilities of designing and developing web sites and keep up with science and technology

10. Producing competent graduates who have the cross-disciplinary capabilities of designing and developing web sites and serve the community efficiently

11. Producing competent graduates who keep pace with innovations and developments in multimedia and web development

Graduates Qualifications:

Expected graduates will be able to:

  1. Utilize computer programmes in web design and multimedia application development
  2. Analyze and designmultimedia systems and manage multimedia computing
  3. Demonstrate high competency in utilizing modern programming languages ​​in the multimedia software production
  4. Demonstrate high competency in using multimedia applications and develop similar application programmes
  5. Learn the basicfundamentals of computer networks and applications and how to use them in multimedia
  6. Design and developapplication programming interfaces and develophuman–computer interaction
  7.  Store and retrievedifferent of information forms (images, sounds, videos)
  8. Work in radio and television stations, video production companies, animation companies, advertisement companies, publishing houses and business and educational institutions
  9. Spread awareness on internet use
  10. Spread awareness on global trends towards web applications
  11. Enrich culturalexchange experiences through designing websites that support multiple languages
  12. Learn the basic principles of multimedia use in transmitting knowledge
  13. Develop their analytical skills to build multimedia projects and develop web pages
  14. Learn basic photography and production techniques
  15. Utilize graphic design programmes
  16. Use the tools and programmes related to design and development of internet websites