The Interior Design programmeaims at developing students' skills and experience in interior design to match the labour market's needs. Students train on applying technical designing principles and techniques through designing and furnishing residential and commercial interior spaces.

The programme offers courses on computer applications, technical drawings, interior lighting and acoustics as well as colors,furniture and furnishings coordination , history of interior design and designing basics.

The programme consists of 75 credit hours over two years. 


The programme aspires to achieve excellence in professional academia based on international standards and produce competent graduates who have qualities that match the labour market’s needs and development plans.


The programme aims at offering educational opportunities that prepare graduatesto meet the community’s needs and development plans. It is also dedicated to promotescientific research on interior design.


General Outcomes

The programme generally aims at:

  • Offering professional academic programmes of high quality based on international standardsto meet the local community’s needs
  • Adopting different teaching methods and assessment
  • Preparinggraduates to match the labour market’s needs
  • Promotingscientific research and developing the teaching staff’sskills andexpanding their knowledge
  • Setting strategic plans to develop teaching and learning methods 


Graduates Qualification

Expected graduates will be able to:

• Use and apply modern methods and technologies of design such as electronic systems and software

•Staying apace of rapidly evolving technologies in interior design

• Learn basic design principles

• Work effectively within teams

• Deal with environmental issues

• Perform work duties effectively

• Bearresponsibility towards their society

• Keep pace with innovationsand developments in interior design

• Learn how to employ communication skills

• Demonstrate high competency in interior design and other realtedfields

• Streamline work processes and procedures following the assigned work ethics

Job Opportunities

Expected Graduates May Work in:

  1. Engineering offices
  2. Furniture companies
  3. Kitchens companies
  4. Real estate companies
  5. Art design offices
  6. Interior decoration for cinemas, theaters and TV companies (Entertainment Design)
  7. Interior design for business, touring and residential facilities
  8. Decoration and design buildings
  9. Decoration companies
  10. Engineering offices as engineering draftsmen


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

The Interior Design programme aims to produce graduates who have:

  • skills and abilities required for data collection and analysis of interior design projects
  • The ability to identify, do research and creatively solve problems regardingthe function and aesthetic quality of interior space
  • The ability to predict results of design alternative solutions on society and the environment  
  • The ability to read engineering drawings
  • The ability to identifybasic design principles and elements The ability to design creatively using different tools and types of ores
  • The ability to utilize up-to-date technology in the field of interior design such as computer-aided design and other software applications
  • The ability to read and draw electrical wiring diagrams
  • The ability to work professionally and accurately using tables and summaries
  • The ability to drawthree-dimensional buildings
  • The ability to design high quality architectural spaces
  • The ability to analyze and coordinate colors
  • The ability to produceinterior design artworksof high quality
  • The ability to keep up withthe labour market’s needs