The graphic design programme qualifies students in advertising as it combines information technology with graphic design.  

The programme aims at producing competent students in optical communication, artistic expression and graphic design applications.

The programme offers 70 credit hours over two years.



 The programme aspires to produce competent graduates who have qualities that match the labour market needs and qualifies them to pursue their graduateandpost-graduate studies




The programme aims atoffering educational opportunities based on international standards. It is also dedicated to promote scientific and artistic researchto meet the local community’s needs and development plans.


Graduates Qualification

Expected graduates will be able to:


1. Design, develop and implementprint publicationsand other works of graphic design


2.Learn to master digital images processing




3. Learnhow to use audio andvideo processing and editingingraphic designworks


4. Use and applydifferent design techniques (image processing, merging,illustrations, montage) to developgraphic design works


5.Use and apply models of creative graphics to solve problems encounteringgraphic design


6. Build interactive modelsand designs used inprint publications and graphic design


7.Use design tools fordesigningimages, print publications and interactive multi-media


8. Developclassical drawing skills and study the computer – based drawing andits 2D and 3D applications


9. Study techniques of digital photography and image processing and editingvia computers


10. Study websites development applications and learn more about their design languages


11. Produce different kinds of graphic art to fulfill the industrial needs in journalism, advertising, educational programmes, entertainment and art galleries


12.Learn how to use graphic designprogrammes (Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe premiere and adobe aftereffect.).


13. Deal with different types of computers such as Mac andPC in graphic design


 Job Opportunities:

  • Advertising agencies, publishing houses, newspapers and magazines
  • Graphic design offices, printing presses and educational institutions
  • Packaging and leaflets
  • Photography
  • Cartoonartist and designer
  • Freelance