Computer and Engineering Professions

The Department of Computer and Engineering Professions is a vital department as it homes elite specialists in various fields.

The department offers eight specializations and aims at producing qualified engineers that match the field work standards.

The department also offers good job opportunities in Palestine and abroad as Hijjawi College is prominent locally and regionally. 

Ammer Massad
Waleed Radi Rashed Al-Kukhun
Mohammed " Abdulqader Khaled " Najib Hamdan
Abdul Aziz Bustami
Anan Isam Abdoh
Mr. Ashraf Quraish
Ahmed Hussein Mahmoud Dar El-Seddeh
Nabeel Lubaddeh
Shafiq Yasin
Abdullah Hijjawi
Fuad Dawood
Mohammad Hasan Zahlan
Abdel-Munim M. Dwaikat
Nizam Rashed Ismail